Our Origins | M2057 by Maria Pinto

    Maria’s previous company, Maria Pinto, was a true luxury collection; every piece was made following traditional, stringent rules and featured the careful construction, meticulous fit, and exquisite fabrics that is expected of couture. While beautiful, couture is a rarefied art form that only a very few can afford, designed for special occasions rather than every day. 

    After years of dressing and listening to women, Maria realized her clients needed something from their wardrobes that didn’t yet exist: clothing that was designed well, fit beautifully, and had unique detailing, but was also easy to care for, intended for everyday living, and affordable. Only a designer with Maria’s experience could apply the principles of couture to high-tech fabrics and create a ready-to-wear brand that embodies her revolutionary concept of “deconstructed couture”

    M2057’s light, spirited, modern garments are truly relevant to today’s lifestyles and made with all the attention to detail that was once reserved for couture. Women around the world love M2057 for the brand’s:


    Exceptional Fit for All of Our Diverse Body Types

    With 30 years of studying women’s needs and body types, Maria follows a rigorous fit analysis for each garment so it looks just as beautiful on a size 2 as a size 14. Her sculptural, flattering styles include incredible attention to detail, including thoughtful consideration of how to honor all body types. Our pieces typically fit beautifully right off the rack, but if you need alterations for that perfect, couture-like fit, they’re both simple and inexpensive thanks to cut raw edges and smart zipper placements. 


    Fabrics & Cuts You Never Want to Take Off

    Couture is not known for being comfortable. M2057 is different. Our fabrics are just as comfortable as pajamas or yoga pants, but beautifully elevated. Women may first buy our pieces for a special event or the office, but they quickly find themselves wearing M2057 every day of the week and in every setting.


    Matchless Functionality

    There’s no need to save M2057 pieces just for special occasions: these garments are designed for all aspects of everyday life, whether that means going to the office, traveling, playing with the kids, or attending a gala. Stain-resistant, wrinkle-resistant, machine-washable, and made to last, M2057 pieces are designed to last a lifetime. 


    Minimal Architectural Design

    Few other ready-to-wear brands are as thoughtfully detailed as M2057. Maria’s architecturally inspired, classic-with-an-edge style is both approachable and special, the perfect canvas for women to build upon with their own accessories and shoes to create a truly unique look. 


    Limited Run Launches

    Our collections are launched every 4-6 weeks, each full of pieces that are designed to meet your dressing needs at that moment in time. New colors and silhouettes layer into what you already own and expand the wearability of your existing M2057 wardrobe. Most styles are made in limited runs; sign up for our newsletter to be among the first to hear about a new drop.


    We welcome you to our studio to shop one on one with our stylists. Drop by, make an appointment, or email us for appointments outside of our usual business hours.