Our Fabrics | M2057 by Maria Pinto


    All M2057 garments are made from fabrics from the best Italian mills. Most pieces are made from a beautiful, high-tech, and sustainable fabric that ticks every box for today’s busy, chic woman: machine-washable, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-proof, nearly indestructible, and truly seasonless. 

    These garments travel very well and look fresh all day - no creases - so they are perfect for the well-traveled woman. And since this fabric will not fray or abrade, we use cut edges rather than heavy hems. The result is a garment with incredible lightness, airiness, sculptural shapes, and movement that you cannot achieve with other fabrics. Cut hems also make alterations very simple, so you can easily get a truly perfect fit. Our fabric’s easy care and durability, combined with our classic-with-an-edge styling, ensure that every M2057 piece you own will be worn for years to come.


    How to alter your Maria Pinto pieces:
    • Each piece is intended to have a cut edge, do not put a hem on the pant or it will change the look of the garment. 
    • To alter, use a sharp pair of scissors and cut straight. The edge will not fray. 
    • After cutting, bar tack the seams – that's it. 
    • For any further questions or clarification, call us at 888-868-2057.



    Our signature fabric is available in several different weights, each of which is carefully selected for each garment to ensure the most flattering fit and supreme comfort:

    Form: Our heaviest, bonded weight, Form fabric has excellent structure with a nice draping quality. Four-way stretch moves with you in every direction; fitted garments in Form are incredibly flattering and comfortable.

    Flow: Flow is our lighter bonded weight fabric. Lighter weight creates more fluidity, giving garments more movement and lovely draping. 

    Power: Lighter than both Flow and Form, Power is a single-weight fabric with comfortable stretch and excellent stability.

    Crepe: This single-weight fabric is much more fluid than Form or Flow, but still retains enough denseness to create clean shapes. Our Crepe fabric also has a slight surface texture that feels lovely against the skin.

    Sand: Perfect for blouses, our Sand fabric has a little more drape than Crepe.

    Liquid: Liquid is our lightest weight, slinky yet never clingy. This fabric feels like luxurious silk against the skin.

    Guntar: Our “almost-leather” fabric, completely machine-washable and ultra-comfortable with much more stretch than you’d ever get from real leather. 

    Made from recycled materials, these fabrics are sustainable in addition to being beautiful and comforting. 


    Besides our signature stretch fabric, we also make gorgeous architectural pieces in Agra Cotton and Cotton 22. Both cottons have the perfect amount of stretch for ease and comfort, excellent stability for holding architectural detail, and a luxurious hand that lends itself to both casual and formal looks; Cotton 22 is rich, with a gorgeous sheen and a little more weight than our Agra Cotton. Both cottons contrast beautifully with our other Italian fabrics, adding sumptuous dimension and texture to your wardrobe.


    We would love to send you a complimentary pack of fabric swatches,
    so you can see and feel these luxurious textiles in person.
    To order a swatch, please email or call 888.868.2057.