The Malkovich Sessions

Over the course of 17 years, award-winning photographer Sandro Miller and inimitable actor John Malkovich combined their larger-than-life personas and talents to produce a series of portraits and films, most notably those that reconstruct the most iconic images in photographic history, in their Homage series. Others in the collection here capture the genius and range of Malkovich’s acting ability in distinctive portraits as well as in film works. For lovers of the arts, photography, and John Malkovich, this book is indispensable.

Rarely is an art book published that exhibits so gorgeously and extravagantly the talents of two extraordinary individuals working in collaboration over such a long period of time, one that also provides so much delight to those who are not cognoscenti, but merely aficionados of great and distinctive work.

From The Malkovich Sessions by Sandro Miller copyright © 2016, published by Glitterati Incorporated
Maria's Style Notes
Sandro Miller is not just one of my favorite artists; he is one of my favorite human beings. I was lucky enough to have him shoot the M2057 GANG collection and experience how, in his very gentle, cerebral way, he is able to bring a subject to life on film. It is a thing to behold. When that subject is John Malkovich, it is a recipe for magic—beautiful, surprising, lunatic magic. Turning the pages in this book is like watching a pas de deux, with one dancer in front of the camera and one behind, but always connected, bringing each other to life. This is a truly special collection to have at your fingertips!

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