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Statement pendant necklace with circular horn pieces on adjustable black tie cord. Designed by Caths. Wear alone or layered with other pieces. Due to the natural variations in the horn, each piece is unique, and may not match the photo exactly.

Always apply lotions, perfumes, or other products before putting on your jewelry to preserve the life and quality of the piece.
About the Designer
In her creative atelier in Belgium, Catherine de Groote designs jewelry with great attention to detail and quality. Carefully selected materials, most of which are natural, are the important ingredient in every piece. CATHs believes in a return to craft with the respect and esteem for tradition. By setting up a workshop in India with a partner, and giving work to several master craftsmen, CATHs is contributing in keeping alive the knowledge and the gifted skills of these talented people. CATHs pieces are crafted from organic materials, such as horn, bone or wood. Through a process of polishing, coloring and bending, CATHs tries to elevate their natural beauty to a new level of sophistication.

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Category: Caths, Jewelry, Necklaces

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