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Pattern Maker

M2057 by Maria Pinto is recruiting a Pattern Maker to create and maintain patterns and manage work from sample to production patterns.

Key responsibilities will include:

  • Interpreting designer's sketches into three-dimensional designs by draping fabric and drafting a pattern;
  • Performing all pattern corrections necessary as a result of fittings and/or requested changes;
  • Developing and maintaining a pattern library;
  • Maintaining a consistent system of filing all patterns, as well as maintaining a clean and accurate "cutter's must";
  • Developing fit standards to ensure consistency of fit for each product category;
  • Supervising the sample maker's execution of first samples to ensure they are constructed correctly and timely;
  • Checking measurements and quality of pre-production samples submitted for approval by factories;
  • Collaborating with product development staff and management staff as necessary to solve any production issues that may arise at the factories with developed patterns;
  • Creating TechPacs;
  • Continually researching new ideas and technologies that could be used to improve the company's ability to develop and produce products.

We are seeking candidates with:

  • 5 years+ pattern-making experience;
  • A solid understanding of both the theory and techniques used in flat pattern making and how a fabric's construction will affect the fabric's behavior when developing garments;
  • The ability to interpret design intent and create solutions to achieve it;
  • An understanding of and the ability to communicate garment fit and construction techniques to both internal staff as well as outside factories;
  • The ability to adhere to deadlines and enthusiasm to do what is necessary to meet those deadlines.

This is a full-time position to start immediately, with pay rate based on experience. The role is based in Chicago.

Interested and qualified candidates, please submit your resume to jacob@mariapinto.com with "Pattern Maker" in the subject line.

We look forward to hearing from you!