Pinto Box for the Creative World

    You want unique pieces that allow you to showcase your creative style but are still easy to wear for work or off-duty fun. You're looking for interesting shapes that go beyond traditional closet "basics," yet can adapt to any occasion that lands on your calendar. These suggested "Pinto Boxes" make a solid foundation for your wardrobe, giving you versatile pieces that mix and match to create several outfits.

    But remember—these are only examples! Contact Elsa Flores at or 888.868.2057, or visit us at 833 W Washington Blvd (across from Soho House) and she will set you up with a stylist to discuss your customized Pinto Box that fits your lifestyle.


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         UMA TUNIC

         LOLA COAT










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         SYLVIA PANT

         MIRELLA TOP

         TARIFA BELT







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    Create multiple outfits using just a handful of key pieces!


    See other examples of Pinto Boxes that our stylists have created: