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M2057 Chloe Jacket and New York SkirtEveryone's body is a little different. We hope your M2057 pieces fit right off the hanger, but if you need any adjustments, fortunately the collection is very easy to alter! Since most of the pieces have cut edges, to hem, a tailor simply needs to cut and tack the fabric.

These are tailors we like and have Maria Pinto-stamped approval for altering M2057 designs:

Palmolive Building
919 N Michigan Ave
3rd Floor
Chicago, IL

Faye Sessions
185 North Franklin Street, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL
Make an appointment:
Receive 15% all M2057 alterations!

505 W Belden Ave
Chicago, IL

We are always interested in hearing about new, talented tailors, especially in other cities. If you have recommendations for shops that have successfully altered your M2057 pieces, please let us know! Email customercare@m2057.com, subject line "Tailor Recommendation." Thank you!

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