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Transition Your Wardrobe

July 17, 2019

Transition Your Wardrobe


Summer seems barely to have begun, yet here we are in the middle of July. Fortunately, there's still plenty of time to bask in bright colors and exuberant shapes that will still take you effortlessly into fall (not that we want to think about that right now).

For Transition, it's all about movement and flow. I experimented with inverted pleats and liquid fabrics to create pieces with stunning movement and grace, like the Emmeline dress and Matilda skirt. Warning: You will want to twirl, girl! On the flip side, I love some of the collection's new sleek, minimalist shapes, that still have easy volume, like the Alexandra jumpsuit and Indira jacket.

Finally, I wanted to lighten things up with a little lacy texture. Our new embroidered tulle is light and delicate and gives off an ethereal vibe that's lovely for summer days and nights.




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