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Meet Deanna, Our New Store Manager

May 29, 2018

Meet Deanna, Our New Store Manager

We want to extend a warm and stylish welcome to the new manager of the M2057 West Loop Style Studio, Deanna Yumul! Read on to learn more about the newest member of the M2057 family, and see her picks for what she'll be wearing this summer.

How did you come to work in fashion?
When I was going to school at Michigan State I majored in psychology and started working in retail part-time. I fell in love with it! After graduation, I sold my car and moved to Chicago, and decided to go back to school for fashion design at the Illinois Institute of Art. I interned for BCBG in Los Angeles and worked within their creative advertising department, helping the stylists for e-commerce and editorial shoots. I then moved back to Chicago and worked as a store manager for BCBG until they closed their stores last year.

I took some time off to spend with my daughter, but when I decided I wanted to go back to work in fashion, I got really excited about M2057. It reminded me of my old internship—an intimate environment with creative people, and of course I appreciate Maria's designs and her whole aesthetic.

With M2057, you can still be a mom and look fabulous

What makes M2057 stand out to you?
The fabric! It is so cool and easy to take care of, being machine washable and so good for travel. I just traveled with my M2057 pieces for the first time and it was amazing. The clothes pack so well, I was able to squeeze an extra pair of shoes in my suitcase!

Also, I have a toddler, so if something spills, it's so easy to wipe off and clean. My daughter was eating on my lap with greasy hands while I was wearing my Bruna tunic (what was I thinking?) and of course she planted her hand on my leg—there was this little greasy handprint right on my thigh. But all it took was a little water and it came right out. With M2057, you can still be a mom and look fabulous!


Left: Deanna wears the Paley top in optic and Kate 2 pant in slate with the Krull necklace and Hollow, Chink, and Stria horn bangles
Center + Right: Deanna wears the Racine cotton tunic with the Ambermoon earrings


We love that! What are some of your other favorite pieces for summer?
A key for me are clothes that transition well from season to season, and this is something that Maria does really well. The new cotton pieces are great, and I love the Racine! It's flowy and easy for summer, but you can also wear it with jeans or leather leggings later. Similarly, I think people usually associate jumpsuits with summer, and the Yasmin jumpsuit is a beautiful, chic look for the season. But I find it really interesting to think about how to style it for fall, like wearing it with a turtleneck. 

The Paley top has such an interesting cut while being very flattering. It's a great alternative to a basic tank—you can wear it under a blazer or on its own as a statement piece, and easily take it from day to night. And the Marlene trench is such a classic, with summer colors that make it a wonderful layer for chillier nights. Atom red and the new kusama dot print are really eye-catching. 

Finally, I love the Kate 2 pants—they are super flattering and comfortable. We've seen leggings for so long now, I'm loving the wide-leg, high-waisted look—it's fun, and it's a great shape for every body shape since it creates a waist. 


Deanna's other fashion faves: the Yasmin jumpsuit and Marlene trench coat


Finally, if you were whisked off on a trip and could only pull five things from your closet, what would they be?

  1. The Reefer coat—you can pair it anything, from a nice dress to jeans
  2. A pair of nude pumps
  3. A fun top like the Bruna, which you can style so many different ways
  4. Ripped jeans (I need something easy that I can chase after my 2-year-old in!)
  5. Diamond stud earrings—I always overpack jewelry and never end up wearing it, but these small diamonds are simple and go with everything

Thanks, Deanna!

If you would like to schedule a styling appointment or get in touch with Deanna, contact her at deanna@mariapinto.com.




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