Jamie Weiler Masters the Art of Gratitude

    Welcome to M2057's Spotlight Series: In Her Own Words, a monthly series featuring dynamic, stylish, and powerful women that inspire us. This month, we chatted with Jamie Weiler, On-Premise Activation Manager at Constellation Brands: Beer Division. 


    I love any opportunity to break the mold as a woman. I work in the Beverage Industry for Constellation Brands, Beer Division, as an On-Premise Activation Manager, and my current industry is very male-dominated—when I worked for a distributor in Florida, I was the only female on the sales force. Over the last several years, I have really seen that begin to change with many more women entering the industry. My current company has a fantastic culture with dedicated initiatives to cultivate women in leadership—it starts at the top, and I am incredibly fortunate to work for a tremendous organization with forward-thinking leaders.

    I manage a territory working with various bars, restaurants, and hotels across Metro-Chicago in partnership with our local distributor to secure consumer experiences and event programming with brands like Corona Extra, Modelo Especial, Pacifico & Ballast Point. We recently opened a new Ballast Point Brew Pub in the Fulton Market area with beautiful rooftop views of the city—I highly recommend visiting!


    I lost both of my parents unexpectedly a few years ago, and rather than focus on the loss, I made a conscious decision to practice gratitude daily for what I have and not what I have lost. I affectionally refer to this as my “donut philosophy”—you can choose to focus on the hole—the negative space—or you can make a choice to shift your perspective and see what IS there—lime green frosting, colorful sprinkles, etc. It is hard work and much easier said than done, but I fully believe that mastering the art of gratitude can help pull a person through anything.

    For me, joy is quality time with loved ones, helping others, creating art, learning new things and appreciating beauty—it comes in all forms. Self-care and personal time are critical—some of my favorite activities include running, yoga, hiking, museum tours, trying new foods and traveling with my boyfriend.

    The print on thePaulina dress is gorgeous! I do not have a lot of red in my wardrobe, but I felt beautiful and comfortable in this dress. The length is very classy and simply stunning paired with theJess coat in black.


    Quality and ease of care are priorities for me, particularly for work and travel—and comfort in the sense that I feel like I’m projecting my best self while wearing it. There's quite a bit of cross-over between my work and going-out styles. That’s what so wonderful about the versatility of Maria’s pieces. I can be more formal for a conference with the Astrid top worn with a neck bow and the Cigarette pants, then untie it at the neck and wear it tucked-in with high-waisted denim to head out to dinner.

    My style could be described as "city chic": classic meets modern feminine. I love a monochromatic top with a nice pair of denim and booties, or a long-sleeved tunic blouse with statement sleeve, black skinny trousers and pumps—something like the Astrid or Gia, which are so versatile to style. The Mina dress is perfect for date-night and the Jess coat in tufi is simply a work of art.

    I admire the simplicity of Audrey Hepburn’s style—I think the fashion of the 50’s is so timeless and will always endure. For modern day icons, Blake Lively is an inspiration and the Colombian actress, Juana Acosta. I particularly admire the character that she plays on the show Velvet—Sara Ortega. It’s menswear with a feminine touch and a tilted hat for bit of allure.

    I affectionally refer to this as my “donut philosophy”—you can choose to focus on the hole—the negative space—or you can make a choice to shift your perspective and see what IS there, like lime green frosting and colorful sprinkles...mastering the art of gratitude can help pull a person through anything.

    I love the story behind each of the M2057 collections. When I read about the architectural influence fromBrutalism andZaha Hadid, in addition to the influence of Maria’s owntravels andpaintings, I was incredibly inspired. Each piece is beautifully unique, and I feel a connection to the clothing in a way that I have never experienced before. I have many different pieces and they are all beautiful and inspiring in their own way, not to mention, incredibly flattering. The fact that the fabric is machine-washable is a wonderful bonus!

    The monochromatic outfit of theKate 2 pants,Micella top andSharlene sleeves in the tufi print are incredibly powerful paired together. It’s not an outfit that I would normally pick out for myself, but I could totally see substituting this look in place of a dress for a big event to really make a statement.