Shop the look: Petra coat, Hariko top and Bani skirt

    Shop the look: Nishi top & Obi belt

    Shop the look: Sela mini tunic

    London-Inspired Cooking

    Fall Ready Jackets

    Shop the look: Petra coat, Hariko top and Bani skirt

    Spotlight Series Issue 6

    Shop the look: Nishi top & Obi belt

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    Shop the look: Sela mini tunic

    "Women aren't willing to forfeit comfort anymore."

    —Maria Pinto, M2057 Founder/Designer

    The brainchild of legendary Chicago designer Maria Pinto, the minimalist designs of M2057 are bold without forfeiting femininity and function. This ready-to-wear women’s collection of machine-washable dresses, pants, jackets, tops, and wraps effortlessly embraces a quality of craftsmanship and design that is both timeless and elegant. Designed to be quite versatile in your wardrobe, transforming seamlessly from day to night, M2057 empowers women to spend less time standing in front of their closets and more time doing the things they love.